Anyone use materials from sells stuff that is similar to 1/8 Proofgrade ply–veneer on the outside, MDF on the inside.

Unfortunately you have to buy a lot to get any at all. The smallest order is 24 12"x24" sheets for $144. Shipping to WA is another $30 making the per-sheet cost $7.25. It does not include masking like PG though, and they do not mention a surface finish either… Though they do say you can clean it with a damp cloth, whatever that implies.

Their custom order system will let you order less than 24 sheets but I haven’t looked at the pricing.

The last interesting thing is the stuff can come double-sided, with each side being a different wood and supposedly of high enough quality to be the outside face.

Anyone use this stuff? I am not even sure it’s made with real wood veneer, their site isn’t very detailed.


It’s interesting that the two sides are different colors. I’ll be interested to see if anyone’s tried them.

Shipping to PA for the minimum order is $50, so I won’t be ordering from them any time soon.

Ouch, I didn’t get that far. I got as far as “yes but what is it made of?” and stopped.

At the very bottom of the page, it says minimum of $100 for custom orders.

They do offer a free sample kit somewhere on the site. I’ll order one and post back unless someone beats me to it. If the material is good even with shipping the price per 12"x24" board is a reasonable $7.25.

I ordered but then got this email…

We currently are waiting for our resupply for the silver material (LJSM004) and blond (LJSM002). We could do an exchange, for instance, exchange your LJSM002 for LJSM001 (light wood grain and solid almond) and increase your other colors evenly to replace the silver quantity—this way we can ship your order out tomorrow."

So don’t know they said they’ve been waiting several weeks from their supplier for the silver…

Should I wait or take what’s behind the curtain?

Maybe take the offer, but ask for the sampler too so you can see what the missing materials look like. Then you’ll have all you need to know for a future order.

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The samples look pretty nice! Interesting idea to have 2 color (different on each side). It does let you have less pieces but more choices when making a project ( wood grain or solid box… dark or light). I don’t believe the pieces are masked however (the 2in. square samples were not). Update- of their six choices of wood (12 colors) 3 of them are now discontinued - I spoke with them on the phone and they are trying to find manufacturer and other options for colors, etc. I should get my order sometime later this week.

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