Anyone using Samsung Connect Home AC1300 Smart Wi-Fi System

There some comments about wifi and compatibility. I think I will upgrade to get the shop some better wifi. Thinking Samsung Connect Home AC1300 Smart Wi-Fi System would be a great idea and not have to have multiple SSIDs between the shop and the house.


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I’m not familiar with that system. I recently added an Ubiquity AP and it has been flawless. I’ve been planning an entire Ubiquity setup but needed a solution sooner for a Ring camera.

The AP attached to my crappy router with no issues (after I figured out that the Windows firewall was blocking the setup software). The only thing to note is that the AP is wired but that is a good thing. Wireless extenders rob you of bandwidth.


By halves no less. …at best.

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Yes extenders lose … I have cat5 to the garage shop but no cable to the standalone shop . Just playing SSID switch-aroo is driving me crazy.

But thanks for the thoughts

Can you run a cable to the side of the house closest to the shop?

The shop off the garage is the closest point to the standalone shop. It has it own router/wifi/ssid. just not strong enough the old router out there.