Anyone want another Glowforge?

I am upsizing to machines with more capacity, so I have a Glowforge Pro about 9 months old and a basic nearly a year old.
The Pro is unmodified and has never had any issues at all. I’m thinking $4,000
The Basic I have replaced the lid cable and have cut out the bottom for deeper item capability. $1,800

I am located in Hardin, MT. I have all the original shipping pieces for both machines as well as some of the original proofgrade samples.

Updated to include price and location.

Price and location would probably help.

I’ve moved this to the appropriate forum.

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I am in Hardin, Montana. So I will be far away from basically everyone…
I haven’t even looked yet to see what used machines sell for so I’ll have to do some research before I say a price.

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So I’d say that this entire post is a little premature… without a price you’re not going to catch many potential buyers.


Also why you are selling is a good way of giving buyers confidence that your machine is worth looking at

Added to first post.

Updated first post with price and location so it’s easier to find…

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