Anyone Willing to Sell Me Proofgrade Maple in/near Seattle?

So FedEx has lost my package. It’s been a whole week and they are still “investigating”, and despite their claims of “elevating” my concerns I don’t have high hopes since shipping in December is a zoo. Is anyone near Seattle and willing to sell me at least a sheet of maple plywood in the next two days? I’m willing to pay $20 a sheet in cash and can pick up as long as you’re somewhere around Lake Washington. Thanks!

Also willing to buy smaller sized sheets for a reasonable price.

Not exactly the same but you can call these folks
Thin Scroll saw wood pricing sheet

Neat, they have Baltic Birch and MDF-cored plywood.

12x20x 1/8 BB is $1.75

You can also get 12x24 MDF core plywood maple for $6 but it is 1/4", too bad.


sadly i need this by tomorrow

Is there a JoAnn’s near you with proofgrade wood?

I have 4 sheets of medium maple plywood in Kirkland if you haven’t found any yet.


Scott out of nowhere! Two years of hibernation and springs into action. :slight_smile:


That is a good idea, I forgot about that deal.

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Nearest one is a 2 hour drive I believe?

Oof, I didn’t check the forum, stupid me. I figured something out, but if it turns out I could use more (and FedEx still has no idea what is up yet at that point…) I’ll let you know. :slight_smile: Thanks friend!

Glad to help out if I can.

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