Anyway to seal masking?

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I’m Ted and I’m a newbie here. Just received my GF about a week ago and I’ve been loving it so far! I’ve been making acrylic keychains for everyone and had a question I couldn’t find through searching the forums (so pls forgive me if this has already been asked :grin:).

If I were to perform a 3d engrave of a name (or any object for that matter), is it possible to seal the masking onto the acrylic permanently instead of removing the masking and then painting the material a color? I’ve made items that have come out looking great with the masking tape on because the tape is the color I desire, but I don’t want the tape to come off down the line and then the entire piece looks ruined (unfinished again). Is this a possibility or should I just step my newly formed painting skills up? :thinking:

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A better way might be to remove the masking…spray paint… let dry(48hrs) … then add back the masking, or not and then engrave. Alternatively, engrave, spray paint, and then remove the masking for the reverse effect.


I have left the masking on at times because I’ve like the effect. Then I spray a clear coat over it. This works great for things that are on display, etc. If it were something like a keychain or something being ‘used’ a lot I would think the coating would eventually rub off with the masking…


Then it would be like properly designed vermeil jewelry that is made of silver with gold plate so the high points are silver and the rest gold colored which is very nice looking and only the silver gets abrasion while the gold plate is protected so the result is very stable.

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