Apartment number sign -- 404 Found?

My apartment door is plain and boring, and given its number, I couldn’t not make this joke. I used Proofgrade thick draftboard, PG cherry and walnut veneers, ceramic magnets, and self-adhesive felt. The whole piece is sized so that the peephole is the correct proportion for the center-punch in Andale Mono’s zero. A kerf of 0.007" worked perfectly; the veneer almost snapped together.

Please forgive the potato-quality photos, the lighting in the hallway is pretty terrible.

I didn’t take a photo of the draftboard backer, here’s a screenshot from Fusion 360. There’s self-adhesive felt covering the magnets on the back-side just in case they work loose from the board.

I didn’t get the large veneer perfectly aligned with the underlying draftboard. In retrospect, I should have made an alignment (weeding?) jig by cutting a larger rectangle around the design in both the board and the cherry veneer. Then I could have clamped and adjusted the alignment before committing to the adhesive.


Wow love how the veneers turned out…and this is funny!


I LOL’d. :smile:




Hahaha! I like your sense of humor. Reminds me of the little diorama I made for our bathroom wall (pre-Glowforge days):

It features the wall with tile and border paper, plus a little diorama that features the wall with tiles and border paper, plus a little diorama, etc etc.


The perfect hideout. I am inspired. What is supposed to be our front door in inconvenient and we never go that way but Fed-X keeps leaving packages there that can sit in the rain for days before anyone notices. I need a sign to hang on the door saying “This is not a door please see other side”


Our delivery folks use three different locations. I finally signed up for delivery alerts so I’d at least know to look!


Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager. You can tell them to deliver to a side door. And it’s free.


Unfortunately we have done that but they are both side doors.

North, south, east, west door? They should know directions, being delivery people… as long as it’s not “This side up.”


Apparently that has been done but they still get it wrong. Fortunately we are getting notice on the Fed-X stuff and the postman knows enough to get it right but there is still the odd delivery that is none of those hence the need of a sign.