Apologies from Maker Faire

And to be clear. A single Glowforge or Glowforge + Filter will not require anywhere near that much. Guessing there is not a breaker in any public convention space as small as 15A. Mostly residential lighting. Booths were probably sharing circuits.


I’m normally a diy guy, but that sounds like a prof job. Thanks for the info.

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Multiple booths including one with multiple Glowforges …
I’m not that concerned.


That’s what I was concerned about as well - mine’s even more heinously overloaded. (Computer, TV, couple of 3D printers, couple of ink printers, massive monitor, couple of digital cutters, space heater, couple of fans…I forget and plug in the vacuum to the wrong spot and the whole thing blows.)

Just talked to hubs though, (quicker than finding the wiring diagram)… the outlet where the laser will live is on an upstairs bedroom circuit, which isn’t going to have anything on while it’s running, so we’re good. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty lucky: other than major appliances, all the house circuits are 20A. Even so I wouldn’t want additional pulls on that circuit. I think the peak draw was mentioned pretty early on, which is why I decided to put my unit in the laundry/furnace room. Only potential competing items are the washing machine and the cat’s motorized litter box. Hmmmmm, run laser vs do laundry vs let cat use box in auto mode. I know which one I’m gonna choose!


I am sorry for that. Probably more frustrating for the Glowfolk than many in line. It is hard for littles to have patience when there isn’t a Roller Coaster at the end; but I’m a bit sorry that I couldn’t be there to wait a couple hours and see it in action.

The power discussion makes me happy that I made the mess required to achieve my office… From earlier power discussion


So… what about without the air filter? I’m in a rental and I don’t think I can go adding circuits or wiring!

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Easy piece of mind test for those that think they may have a problem.
The simple thing to do is check you breakers most of them should be 20amp, if they are 15 amp, you still will probably be ok as long as you have nothing else running on that circuit.
Easy test go get your hair drier, most are 1500watt the one I have is 1800watt and plug it in to the outlet where you want to use your Glowforge run it for say 15 minutes if it doesn’t trip you should be good to go.


The show went on pretty well minus the hiccups! great to see you guys in person. wish you had more booth space as you guys were pretty popular today!.


if it runs at 1600 watts peak for an extended period of time… and that is done frequently…on say a 15 amp breaker ,the possibility of repeatedly causing a breaker to run hot will eventually result in breaker to faultier and fail …perhaps the GF and the filter might be equipped with separate power in ports so the load may be allowed to be routed to two separate breakers??

Dedicated 20A outlet would be the best. Generally a good idea what’s on a given breaker.luckily the room I’m planning to put the gf in will have 3+ 20A circuits (ok, 2 of those likely to feed an outlet or in another room).
Lighting is usually on its own circuit these days (so you are not in the dark if you trip an outlet).
Don’t put your latest powerhog of a desktop, laser printer and gf on the same circuit…and vacuum at the same time.


Likely just an oversight by someone cleaning up over night, on the other hand heard horror stories back in the day when my dad used to go to one of the big electronics/automation fairs in germany. Lots of stuff getting stolen overnight from competitors if left out.

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I have the same problem in my kitchen, we can’t use the toaster oven and the microwave at the same time.

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A few notes:

  • You should be just fine with a dedicated 15A circuit.
  • The hair dryer/space heater test is a good one; that’s worse than a Glowforge because it’s continuous (when printing the laser doesn’t usually stay on 100% power for a long time).
  • The printer & air filter have separate cords so you can put them on separate outlets.
  • You can get a UPS if you’re worried about ‘brownouts’.

Again, the problem appeared to come from two glowforges and two air filters on one power strip - not just one outlet, the same strip!



Thanks for clearing that up.


Is the air filter completely autonomous or is there a control line connection between it and the Glowforge?


You’ll need a massive UPS to do this. Even the huge APC 1500 has a peak limit of 865 watts. If you’re willing to lay out $700 or so, the CyberPower 2200 will probably work.

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Glad to hear it sounds like I won’t be the only one running the glowforge out of a bedroom! :joy: Of course the bedroom is question is literally, well, my bedroom- but hey, quick access for when midnight inspiration strikes!

I have an empty outlet in the corner of my room that will be dedicated purely to the glowforge (no air filter) so I think I should be alright. Other than that I really only have a few lamps and chargers plugged into power strips on other outlets.


That’s the ticket!:smile:

No kidding…I get some of my best ideas at midnight too…and then promptly forget them by the time morning rolls around, which is muy muy exasperating! :worried:


Exactly!! I’ve taken to keeping a little notebook on my bedstand, but then sometimes when I look through it the next morning after coffee I’m kind of like ‘um, I have no idea what this is 3 am chicken scratch is supposed to mean’ :laughing: