App for tracking costs and suppliers

Does anyone know of an app that can track supplier costs and how much profit per task? Right now, I just put my numbers in google keep but I would like to track it someway.

Say I have a project for acrylic signs. I’d like to know how much a sheet would run and my price per project. (I know there are more factors but that’s what popped into my head in order to describe this.)

When I google it, all I get are pages on making apps and how profitable it is.

I keep my data in a spreadsheet. I also refer to that spreadsheet on my website so that customers can look up what material is in stock, how much of it I have, and what the cost is. I periodically update the sheet with stock and price. It doesn’t take long.

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I found it very hard to actually find an app that worked for me as well. For me it was more on how much I earn, how much taxes I will need to pay, and what is my actual profit. I looked around on the web for an easy app, but couldn’t find anything the way I wanted, so I created a spreadsheet where I keep all this data in one place.

If you want to go a bit fancier and want an app, you can actually build your own with Pretty easy if you know how spreadsheets work.

But in my opinion spreadsheets work fine as well.


I’m in the process of making an Access database that I’ll eventually port over to MySQL with a web interface. Considering my goal is to have it on a website, this works best for me.

But, if you don’t have the skills in programming, Excel is a perfectly viable option (as @ben1) said. Here’s one that I did. Feel free to take inspiration.




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