App is awfully slow :/

Hello guys,

I’ve had the Glowforge for a couple days and really love it, but the App is so, soooo, slow and it has nothing to do with my bandwidth.

It is so slow that it make lining up and scaling a pain and for some projects I’ve already spent more time just moving/lining up the job, than the print itself…!! :confused:

I hope you guys are working on something to improve that.

Also, moving the jobs up and down the list works once every ten attempts, barely, gotta find a better way to move them up and down the job queue…

Thank you for your hardwork !

The app responsiveness is slow?

What kind of computing device are you using it on? What browser?

That has not been my experience at all and I was running the app on a 2011 iMac until it blew up. Now I’m on the base model Mac mini and the app is quite responsive. Using the stock Safari browser, even.

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Thank you so much for the feedback about the speed of the app and for letting us know of the trouble you are having with moving the print steps in the app. Can you email us at with the date and time the next time you experience this issue so we can take a closer look?

I’m going to close this thread - if you have any more questions or feedback, go ahead and post a new topic or send us an email. Thanks for letting us know about this!