App is being very slow

Is any one else having issues with the glowforge app? It is being very slow and will not allow me to copy paste my designs. I have tried to clear my cache and use different browsers but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? Hate this in the middle of holiday prep. Help!

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You have already tried the things that I would suggest - cache/browser. I am not having similar problems, so I think yours is an individual problem. What browser are you currently trying?


Safari and chrome. May be it is my the file I am working with. Will try creating a new file.

The file was my first thought. Try another known file that has worked for you. If the file in question is a vector with a lot of nodes, you can try to convert it to a raster (Bitmap). They are easier to process.

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I have had these Issue as well with the Designs not copying into the folder properly , the Web Browser becoming white for a period of time before displaying the Dash board, I have no clue how to fix or work around any of these BUGS as there becoming more the Norm. I keep thinking there will be an update soon, but I keep feeling the pressure to move to a new laser company keeping the Two Glows I have now .

I can’t copy and paste designs either. It looked like it was working on it and then it would just have a blank screen. Then when I went back to the dashboard under “recent designs” there were a bunch of blank designs. I had to save the file from illustrator and import it into the dashboard.

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