App is dark

Hi! My glowforge has been working great for years and just the last couple days when I’m using the app I can’t see my material well. It looks really dark. I thought the light in my glowforge was out but its not. Any ideas?

Can you post a screenshot?

Theres a canvas bag there but its so hard to see so I’m having a hard time making sure the image is in allignment

Strange. What happens when you put a piece of white paper under the bag or adjust your screen brightness?

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It looks like the lid lights are out. That would be a symptom of the black lid cable failing. Usually the first sign of that is the camera not being able to take a picture. If the lights are in fact on, I have no idea.


i figured it out! the camera lens was covered in a film of dust from cutting wood. oops!! i cleaned it and the picture is much better. Thanks for the suggestions!


If your camera lens was covered in dust, likely the other optical components related to the laser need cleaning as well.


On occasions I am cutting something dark and have that issue even with a clean camera lens so I use one of those flat work lights that are wider than deep and just place them on the glass above the work pointing down to get any extra lighting I need.


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