App issue - unable to edit step settings, results in unintended changes to other steps

When I click on the little black arrow to the right of a step’s current setting to edit power/LPI/etc. settings…
(outlined in red in screenshot)

…it usually does NOT take me to the view for editing the settings.
Instead, it will actually apply the current setting of the step I am attempting to edit to the LAST step that I previously clicked on. Ouch!

So if I had two steps, 1 and 2, and two settings, A and B…
and chose setting A for step 1,
then clicked on step 2 and selected setting B,
then clicked the black arrow to edit setting B,
the edit settings form for setting B will NOT appear, and instead the app will apply setting B to step 1 (when I had intended setting A for step 1).

Seen in Firefox 120.0.1 (64 bit)
on Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2 OS Build 19045.3803

Have not checked this with Chrome.

This has been occurring for a while (weeks?) but I usually already have the custom setting I need saved so have been able to work around (usually). Very annoying when it happens though, I have to re-verify ALL of my step settings often.

EDIT: I changed the most obvious variable, and tried my edit steps in Chrome, and so far it seems to work every time. So there’s my fix I guess.

I might also suggest updating Firefox. The current version is 121.0. That might fix whatever is going on with yours (though that’s not an issue I’ve ever run across.)

I’d also delete the cache just in case there’s something in there that’s refusing to let go!


Just for the record, I updated Firefox and cleared my cookies/data for the app, but it did not fix the issue.

And for good measure, because nothing can ever be easy, Chrome will sometimes wig out (technical term) when I attempt to zoom in/out on the bed picture with the mouse scroll wheel (NOT zooming the browser window).

So I can pick my poison based on the workflow I need lol.

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GF has said that the GFUI is optimized for Chrome - so that is usually the fix for interface wonkiness.

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