App not showing pass through button

I am trying to use my pass through and I’ve looked on the support page which shows a button/switch that allows for the glow-forge to know that you are using larger material but I don’t have that button on my app at all. Can anyone assist with this issue?!

Did you receive notice that you were approved for the passthrough beta test?

Is it only for selected users? or can I apply for beta testing?

The beta test started a few weeks ago - Pro Passthrough Beta Application: Ends 4/13

You can use passthrough without the automated alignment feature, you just need to break up your design and align manually, which is how many have been using it since the machine was released. There are several tutorials in the Tips and Tricks forum.


Thank you for that info!

Hi @davidlee202,

I’ve followed up with your directly over email with more information, so I’m going to close this thread.