App very slow talking to unit

I don’t think I have a hardware issue, but would like some independent verification if possible.
This started yesterday when we had an internet outage.
Our internet was restored but is still slow overall.

The glowforge app is taking 30 seconds to a minute to transition modes (Focusing to centering, to scanning, to preparing, etc.)
Interactivity in the app (moving, editing) is unaffected, just anything that interfaces to the hardware takes quite a while.
Once you press the button to print, the machine operates normally.
The wifi connection has always been solid, the machine hasn’t been moved. It actually has line-of-sight to the internet router.

My hunch is that the slow internet speeds are causing these delays in the app, but I’d sure appreciate if support could verify this, and maybe check the machine and let me know if there’s any unseen issues in there.

Any help is appreciated.

It’s sounds like I’m likely to agree with you. Have you tried rebooting your router/modem/whatever setup for your internet? Sometimes I find my restored service isn’t acting right until I force a new connection by power cycling the equipment.

The browser layout editing is loaded onto your local machine so that’s why a slow/no connection won’t bother it.

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Yep I rebooted everything this evening to be sure, but the speed issue persisted.
Even the non-machine related glowforge sites were slow to load, which says “general internet issue” to me. I was just hoping for a quick checkup from someone with a stethoscope, so to speak.

Aaaaand now the forge is working perfectly normally, again. It’s been working normally intermittently in the past little while. I’m going to go run an internet speed test again and see what it reports.

EDIT: Yep, the ISP’s official speed test that was reporting 10-15 while ago is reporting ~100 now. Ah, the mysteries of the internet…

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Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve hit a snag!

I’m glad to hear the issues are resolved with the internet trouble.

Would you let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns?

Yeah all of sudden it was like a switch got flipped and it was back to its old self.
And the kids quit complaining about the wifi speed, which was probably a related issue.

I don’t have any additional questions at this time.

Hey @brucecooner, that is great news, especially that the kids stopped complaining about the WIFI! :joy:

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything. We’re happy to help!