Apparently I Own A Laser Cutter!

10/14: I received the email!

10/21: I received a message telling me they would send the Proofgrade package first

10/25: I get a UPS notification for a package coming between 1:30 and 5:30 on 10/26

10/26 1:10 pm: I get an email from GF that my machine is on it’s way with tracking number

10/26 4:00 pm: My actual Glowforge machine arrived

10/27: Proofgrade materials will arrive, hopefully will be left without a signature

I wonder if being in Berkeley sped the process up a lot to where the machine outpaced the notification. Oh well, I own a laser cutter!

I had to rearrange my whole apartment to make a place for the machine, and it’s still so messy from the process that I need to clean the whole place before I ask a volunteer in to put it on its table. So for now there’s just a giant box in the middle of my main room. I hope to have it set up either this weekend or next weekend.

The machine itself looks clean, undamaged and the top door opens cleanly as far as I can tell. The box was missing 1 handle, and another was broken.

Until then it feels like there’s a huge amount to learn that won’t make true sense until I can work with it hands on. Whether my venting set up works is still a big question mark.


I got my email (and replied) on 10/5
I got my Proofgrade before you…
I don’t even have tracking for my Glowforge.

Have fun!!!


Looks that way. This isn’t the first report of that happening in the Bay area.



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I’m glad I took the day off in case I needed to sign for the proofgrade, otherwise I would have missed it. It all worked out in the end though.

Hopefully the proofgrade DOESN’T need a signature (I approved them to leave it on my porch online). If not I guess I can wait a little longer.

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That’s great!!! Hope you’re up and running soon!

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UPS left my Proofgrade package at my door a few days back, no signature.


Great news! Have fun!

We will all now use your experience as the bare minimum for delivery turn-around.

Expectations ---- SET.


Anything over 3 hours between your shipment confirmation and delivery and I think it’s fair to assume the delivery man stole your laser cutter!


I’ve dialed “9” and “1”, and as soon as I hit that three hour mark I’m hitting the last “1”.


More than 10 Proofgrade shipments have been left with no signature required.

Mine have never required a signature…

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Yeah, they just leave it on the porch, so @j_d_hastings has no worries.

The proofgrade materials arrived and I managed to get the machine onto its nice, sturdy table by a window…

BUT there was no hose clamp for the exhaust hose! So now I’m wondering if it’s OK to use one from the hardware store or if that will void the warranty or accidentally gas myself so now I’m not sure what to do.

Use the hardware store clamp. Many do. No problems. Also will likely need foil tape. The clamps by themselves do not stop leaks very well.