Apple Airtag

I’m not an apple user, so i kinda ignored the latest big update out of cupertino… saw an article on ars technica about how apple will offer engraving on the back side. does anyone know what the dumb things are made of, and if they’d be laser safe?

From what I can find it’s stainless steel. Perhaps dry moly lube will work if you want to engrave.

both sides are stainless? hm. might have to look into it. thanks!

Stainless on one side (which already has an Apple logo and some text), unknown white plastic on the other. From the look of it, probably the same plastic as the likes of AirPods and their charging case, on which the factory “engraving” looks more like a screen print of some sort.

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And Apple has taken to filtering certain emoji combinations. Ie- no horse then poo or other rude gestures. Seems like a niche market for us to look into. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



that’s what i was thinking!