Apple iCloud and Windows 10 laptop files missing

I use my iPad 99% of the time with the GF interface. All files are in iCloud.

In January, I purchased a Windows based laptop. I downloaded the iCloud app to the new laptop so I can access my Apple iCloud files.

Last night, I created an Inkscape SVG using the windows laptop. Saved the file to a Apple iCloud folder.

While still using the windows based laptop I went to the glowForge interface and was able to load the Inkscape SVG file from iCloud via the windows 10 laptop.

Later on I was using the iPad went to Apple iCloud and my file is nowhere to be found.

If I am using the windows based laptop my file is in Apple iCloud.
If I try to access the same SVS file via my iPad or MacBook Pro there is no file in Apple iCloud.

It is like I have two different versions of Apple iCloud.

What am I doing wrong?

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I know it’s possible to create multiple accounts/types of accounts within a single iCloud so maybe you accidently did that? Sadly that’s the limit of my knowledge :-/

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Thank you my sweet for the reply but it’s the same iCloud Apple account.

There are different places in iCloud where documents from Windows PCs are stored. I’ve found the easiest way to deal with it is to create a new folder in iCloud and then point all of my devices to that folder. “Documents” and “Documents” from different devices are not always the same folder, but I’ve found that “Homer’s Head” is the same folder (once I navigate to it) on all of them.

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 2.48.16 PM


I have that problem with onedrive and google drive all the time. For some reason on windows 10 those services just decide for some reason not to sync things up. If you close the app (have to end task in task manager usually) and restart it, it usually syncs everything up at that point.

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For future viewers of this thread—- you will never figure this out on your own. Started in January and my 2 months of research was a WASTE OF TIME!!!


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UPDATE—— 2 hours of my life with 2 Apple care senior advisors. I did get an intense cardio workout in while talking with them.

First Apple Senior advisor had an easy fix but he made the mistake of making some changes to iCloud——NOT GOOD!!

Second Apple Senior advisor made changes to Windows 10 laptop.

Now waiting for 57,000 (fifty-seven thousand) iCloud files to download to the Windows laptop. Only at 14,000 —this has taken 3 hours.

This is what happens when you cheat on Apple —-should have purchased a MacBook Air.



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Jeez… The OTHER option ( the one that I use) is to keep the files you want to share in the cloud and download them individually if/when needed. Saves hard drive space on my cheap Windows machine AND my expensive MacBook…

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The 2nd Apple advisor tried to stop all 57,000 iCloud files from downloading, So when all those files are downloaded to the Windows laptop —- I will have to delete 56,900 files.

I am now up to 20,941

Apple products are pretty great. If you only use Apple products. But as soon as you touch something Apple didn’t sell you… you might have some trouble.

Perhaps consider Google Drive :smiley: or Dropbox?


Now I walk aimlessly by myself looking at the road ahead of me, tears on my cheek and saying —Why didn’t I just buy a MacBook Air?

All By Myself by Eric Carmen plays in the background

Fade to black…

@JimmyWayneWestie I’m afraid this question is outside our team’s scope. I’ve moved it to the Everything Else so the discussion can continue there.


Today I learned… that iCloud could be used with Windows… never would have guessed.

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Since January, I have struggled with the iCloud app that is on a Windows 10 laptop.

Saturday afternoon, a miracle occurred — I discovered the secret to successfully using iCloud with a Windows based computer.

  1. Download the iCloud app

  2. Go to the taskbar on your desktop. There is a little arrow on the taskbar. The little arrow opens and reveals different apps. One of those apps is the iCloud app.

  3. Choose the iCloud app and more options open.

  4. Choose —Open iCloud —You will need a username and passwords

  5. A portal to iCloud opens.

  6. Look for the iCloud Drive.

  7. In the iCloud Drive go to the location that has your file.

  8. Open the file.

  9. After the file is open there will be a option to “Save”

  10. Save the file to any location on your windows computer

  11. I saved it to a folder on the desktop.

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I’m not sure that’s the best lesson learned here…


I have a gorgeous sexy big MacBook Pro. I just needed a smaller laptop because I lost all the strength in my hands when I had surgery on both of them 2 years ago. The Pro is so heavy and bulky but I LOVE IT!!!

I thought purchasing a Windows Laptop would be the answer.

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