April 2021 Update

Discussion of the latest update:


My Glowforge business has been over a year in the making (Moon Cabin Creations) and I will be testing out my designs at a craft fair in just 2 weeks. I’m getting really good social media response with the products I’ve posted and I hope this new venture takes off so I can concentrate on it full time (the ultimate goal).


The “When I was a kid” thing with the Hair Club for Men ads really kind of spoiled the whole rest of the announcement for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was a grown woman with kids when those ads were on and could have sworn they were airing just a couple of years ago. sigh

It’s okay, @Dan. I still love you even when you make me feel ancient.


Aw! My apologies!


Fantastic! Be sure to email the address in the announcement and let the team know!


“…Nickelodeon is a synonym for jukebox…”

And one more trip down the rabbit hole…



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This is stating 4 week ship times, but I’m about to enter week 6 after being told it was shipping on 4/30, then emailed to say, sorry it isn’t shipping, and still waiting for another update. I was granted a gift certificate for the false message, which was a nice gesture. But, frustrating to read new orders will get theirs 4 weeks from order date and could possibly get theirs before I do??

Has always been in the order of purchase. That said different models, Basic, Plus and Pro aren’t always avaliable at the same time.

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Keep in mind, yours said 4 weeks at first too. Doesn’t necessarily mean they will get it in 4 weeks either.