Aquarium Exhibit box

I want to use the Build an Aquarium Exhibit lesson but I can’t seem to find the directions for the box. Can anyone help?

Can you be a bit more specific about this file and where we can see it so tht we could offer assistance.

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She’s talking about this, I imagine: Build an Aquarium Exhibit - Glowforge EDU

@becky.weyer If you follow the link to the box generator, you can design your own box by entering the dimensions you’d like. You’ll just add a rectangle cut out for the display area and engrave the rest on the other side. If you have the Premium subscription, that’s simple to do in the GF user interfaces. The boxes are pretty easy to put together with a gentle tap from a (rubber) mallet.


Yes, sorry about that. ChristyM is correct. That is the one I was talking about. Thank you

Thank you for your help. I see it takes me to MakerCase - Easy Laser Cut Case Design
I am not the greatest at measuring, so would you recommend any particular size? I like the size in the picture and have no idea what size that is. It states that it needs * 1 Sheet of Medium Plywood for each project.
If this is to much to ask, I understand. This is my first project with a group of students and want to make the most out of our supplies.
Thank you

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That’s not my favorite part of a project, either. I had just written thoughts on measuring it out, when I noticed that one of the pictures shows the cut-out along with the ruler on the GF bed. You can use that as a starting point. Maybe 10" wide? Also, if you print out the engraved section they provide, it will give you a sense of how tall it should be.


Thank you very much!

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