Are GFs shipping to Spain?

So I’m sitting here on a beautiful balcony in Alicante, :es: and this is my view. (Life is good!) Like a typical tourist, I stopped at an artist booth today and the proprietor saw my wallet and asked where I bought it. Trying to explain that I made it with a laser took quite a bit a gesturing and saying “Pew Pew” because "laser’ didn’t translate into Spanish well lol. Of course we spent 20 minute going through all my GF pictures and she wants me to send her more info when I get home. :smiling_face:


Per Hello from spain among others

Yes :slight_smile:


I spent most of my time in Málaga, but I don’t think there is a more beautiful coast in the world! Enjoy your vacation :smiley:


Lovely! Have a great time!!

Okay, I’m jealous. Beautiful view! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow. Beautiful spot. I’d go back just to eat some of the canned tuna that is out of this world.

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