Are glowforges still shipping without a shipping confirmation?

Are glowforges still shipping without a shipping confirmation or tracking numbers? I read in the forum that that was an issue a while ago like pre-order while ago. When I ordered it said “get yours by June 10th”… Account still says Delivery by June 10th… (5 days from now). If it has not shipped yet thats fine, but i really want to make sure my package is not just sitting on my porch all day while i am at work.

Your best bet is to sign up for UPS MyChoice (if you have a residential delivery address) I’m in California and my glowforge was delivered shortly before I got the shipping notification.


I Signed up for that but UPS/Fed Ex are notorious for delivering to the wrong address because they follow google maps and google has my street listed as 8888 :Street Adreess Here. UPS/Fed Ex don’t let the : in. Also google maps has my house located in the wrong place so no idea if it is reliable.

I got a e-mail confirmation last week that mine had shipped FedEx ground. It had a delivery date & tracking number. I received it right on time. I used the FedEx app on my phone to keep my updated & it alerted me that it was out for delivery yesterday.

I have a lot of problems with deliveries too because of address issue in GPS. I had to call the company & have them put notes & instructions on my address.

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if delivery is unreliable, I think the UPS/Fedex apps let you have it delivered to a UPS/Fedex location for pickup instead of home delivery. Might be worth looking into?

I understand the pain of a less than standardized address; my old place was on a road that was variously called Hwy 72, CO-72, or Peak To Peak Hwy, depending on the database. Google maps missed the address by about a half-mile.


I live on the corner and my street stops then restarts about a mile away… Google my Adress in a field where it restarts… Living under a rock with a laser…


Mine shipped via FedEx so make sure you sign up for UPS and FedEx tracking. When I saw it was due to arrive I had it held at a shipping center as that worked best for me. Sounds like it might be your best option too.

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ya problem with the ups and fed ex app is I don’t know what version of my address it needs. If its going to the address with the : before the address I cant find the shipping info without the tracking number lol.

Thats if it has shipped lol.

Not :glowforge: related, but in case either you or @jbv aren’t aware, you can put in a correction to Google maps and they will fix it - it might take some time depending on where you are, but moving that dot can make a world of difference cuz a lot of delivery drivers drive to the dot without ever looking at a street # !

Go to the place in and click either “Add a missing place” or “Suggest an Edit” then click on the location dot, drag the screen around until it’s in the correct place, and click save. They’ll review it/double check as necessary and update the database. I’ve seen it take as long as 4 months when it was brand new construction and as little as 4 hours when it was a highway less than 1 mile from Google headquarters…so time varies :slight_smile:


Thanks @deirdrebeth, However I am already on the 4 month waitlist it seems lol

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Can I ask how accurate your time was to when it said “get it by X date?”

i did eventually get google maps to put a pin on my driveway, instead of on the 4x4-only mine road down the way. I feel like it took several years, but that was also when google maps was still in its infancy.

You should be able to list both addresses, but I’d assume it will ship to the one you gave GF.

You can also add delivery instructions, as well as put a hold on things.

I’m sorry you haven’t received a tracking number for your order yet. I have confirmed your order is still scheduled to be delivered on time. I’ve followed up directly via email, so I am going to close this thread.

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