Are images bought with a premium subscription copyrighted?

I pay $xx month for the premium subscription that allows me access to thousands of basic vector graphics. Are these designs copyrighted or can I use them to help create designs and then sell? For example, can I use an image of a piece of cheese to help create a pizza making game? Thanks in advance.

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At a high level, what you are asking is if you have a commercial license with the designs in the Glowforge catalog. Yes, you do.

Here is what you want to look for:

At this link:

if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see this:

General info about licenses with designs:

Generally speaking, when you get a design with a commercial license, you can make and sell the physical item to others. (As opposed to a personal license, which means you can only make it for yourself and cannot sell physical items made with that design.) You cannot sell the design itself, and typically you are not allowed to share the design with someone else for them to use.

Please note that there are exceptions and limitations to these general rules, and those should be spelled out in the details when you purchase the design. In the case of the Glowforge catalog, designs you purchase there can be printed and those prints sold to others.

Another note, not directly related to your question but comes into play with designs you purchase elsewhere:
Something to pay attention to is whether you are purchasing “unlimited” use or not. In the case of the Glowforge catalog, typically you can pay “per print” or you can pay for “unlimited prints.” For the Glowforge catalog, they are able to actually limit your use of the design since it gets loaded directly into the GUI and it’s not a download. Sometimes people will provide a commercial license that limits use to a certain quantity of physical items made.

Thanks for your response. I am actually asking about the thousands upon thousands of “clip art” style images you can search for to add to your designs. For example, I want to add a bee to some flowers. Do I have the rights to use that bee in a design I create and then sell the digital design? Hopefully that makes sense.

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Ohhh Yes I think the intent for the clip art is that can be used for items you sell. :slight_smile:

Sorry for overexplaining! haha

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