Are Pre-Orders Released Now Also Receiving Free Expedited Shipping

Currently, you’re offering free upgraded expedited shipping so that new purchases arrive by 12/22 if ordered today and 12/21 if ordered yesterday; so on and so forth . I released my order yesterday that was on hold (early preorder), so am I to expect my GF around the 22nd? Or am I looking at 10 business days which puts us squarely into January? Bottom line is do the pre-orders also receive this upgraded shipping?

Thank you so much!

(Note to support: I asked this question privately this morning as well but I’ve been seeing in the forums it’s suggested to ask here for a faster response)

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Does the Glowforge staff respond anymore to shipping inquiries or issues? I notice the last four posts on this forum that inlove shipping are flat out ignored. I have yet to receive a response to my direct message or my post as well.

As a pre-order customer on the Shaper Origin hand CNC tool, I have to say that experience was / is much better. They responded, quickly, always.

I wouldn’t be so concerned if this forum was swamped with urgent issues, but there’s been only a few posts in days so it should be relatively easy for the staff tokeep up with.

But you have no idea how many emails they have gotten over the same time frame.

and that is part of the problem. They have repeatedly stated doing both slows them down. They have asked for one or the other, not both.

Not diggin on you, not sticking up for them, just offering an alternative look and repeating what they have asked for.


I do understand all that, but at the same time, they are responding to other posts throughout the forum. So, one would think if they are able to be encouraging and say how great someone’s project looks (which I encourage fully!) they should also be able to respond to satisfaction issues and questions. If that makes any sense.

There’s posts from days ago that are unackbowledged and unresolved, not even my own.

I do hope to hear something soon, but it’s looking like the answer is no expedite, otherwise it would have shipped by now or be very soon.

Considering I just heard back yesterday my order hasn’t shipped, and has just been pending for five days, I think it’s clear what GF is doing. They are in fact prioritizing sales over service. If a pre-order customer and a brand new order are both “released” the same day, there’s no justifiable reason that the new customer should receive their Glowforge WEEKS before an original preorder customer. This is simply not “keeping your place in line” which has been the party line. How they explain someone who ordered on Monday receiving theirs Wednesday as fair? They can’t.

Could be wrong but I’d swear when one delayed they went to the back of the que until they came up again. There were many topics when things started shipping.
Also, did you respond to an e-mail or did you just send one? If you just sent one, you’re on the back of the support ticket line(well, at the time you sent the e-mail).

So either way, you were at the back of some line.
(And yeah, responses seem to be from 1-7 days…which is better than the 7-10 days they were stuck at back in the summer.)

Even if the case is made that you go to the back of the line, the logic still fails.

If customer A is a pre-order and releases their order on Monday, they are the last customer in line.

If customer B is a brand new order on Monday, they are now the last customer in line.

However, customer B is getting a promised delivery date of two days into the future and customer A is getting no indication of even processing for shipping.

I see what you’re saying, but you paid and choose to defer delivery and so to the back of the “I’m deferred” line where every so often they might ask if you want it now and yes/no comes from you. If no, back of the “I’m deferred” line again.
Customer B paid now and wanted delivery now so they get the “I’d like it now” line. All you did was change from the “I’m deferred” line to the “i’d like it now” line. Except that’s not even true. All you did was e-mail notification that you’d like to change lines. The e-mail runs through support(I’m guessing you sent it to support), which is it’s own line you have to wait through.

So like I said, you’re at the back of some line(probably support) and they’ll get to it when they do. There is no express jump to the front from the “I’m deferred” line to the “I’d like it now” line.

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No. I completed the shipping inquiry on this site, where it said “Your Glowforge is ready to ship immediately!”

And there is no indication anywhere of a “deferred line” that is separate from the main queue that you get placed at the back of, that would be a logistical mess…cite your source.

Just took a look at your join date…I’ll let you go back over the last three years and figure out the business model that has been described to us since the beginning.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I apologize we weren’t able to follow up here sooner. I’ve replied to you in email, so I’m going to close this thread.