Are Safety Glasses included in the Glowforge Box?

I just received my Glowforge today and watched a video on Youtube for setting it up. The video showed safety glasses being included in his box. I ordered/received the Glowforge Pro. My question is, Are the safety glasses suppose to have been in my box and were just forgotten, or are these an added item that you need to purchase. Thanks for your reply,

Sincerely, A Newbie. :slight_smile: Melissa

Yes, you should have received as part of the Pro order some cool shades. This post should get picked up by Glowforge support and then they will work with you to get them to you.

Here is an older topic to show why.


Thank you! I had no safety glasses in my boxes, the little slot where they probably should have been was empty. I tried emailing them, but received an automated response that it could be several days before they get back to me. I appreciate your response.


That’s possible but in the meantime you can still use your GF without the glasses as long as you’re not using the pass-through.


Thank you! I probably won’t be using the pass thru feature until I get use to the machine. Thank you for your reply. Melissa

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Now, that is a great response to see beyond the question to advance the cause.:+1:


I bought my Pro last month and didn’t get any safety glasses in either box.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.