Are snap marks still in use?

Or do we simply rely upon the accuracy of the bed and the camera? I need to design a template to do multiple key Fobs on the GlowForge and I’m looking for the most accurate, easiest, and current solution.

If you have Snapmarks then they still work - but if you don’t they have closed the testing and no one who doesn’t already have them will get them.

The most common response for something like you’re describing is to make a cardboard template that fills your tray entirely - then cut out slots for the key fobs - that way you can slide the blank fobs into the template and they’ll be in the correct place every time.


If you haven’t already, you will want to run the calibration to ensure that your unit is calibrated before you start the project. Then use a template or jig as advised above.


I still use them all the time. nothing compares


Ditto - I tested last week when someone else was asking if they had been disabled.

edit - I don’t use them since calibration but I don’t do anything requiring repeated precision alignment. I was using them because my camera was WAY off - over an inch at the lower right, and at least 1/2 inch at the other edges.

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