Are the 3D engraving settings gone?

I got set up to do a 3D engraving and it doesn’t show up on the Glowforge application. I remember seeing that some of the settings were going away, but didn’t think these were included. I don’t have any of the 3D settings, (there were 2 of them as I remember). Have any of you used the settings recently?

Be sure to use a raster image, and you have to set the material as either the hardwoods, draftboard or acrylic in order for them to show up as a separate option outside of the Manual settings area. (They don’t offer it for plywoods - probably because of the difference the veneer makes.)

But they didn’t go away, the Grayscale Vary Power option is the 3D engrave in the Manual settings.


Thank you @Jules, I can always count on you to have the answer.


That was it, I am fine now. Thanks again.