Are the Belts on the glowforge all the same length?

Anyone know ? The 2 side belts and the carriage belt are they the same length. ?

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No. The sides are about 17 3/4" and the gantry is around 22" center to center. The gantry belt is a strip, not a closed belt, I don’t know, but I suspect the sides are too.

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No, and the measurements provided by @PrintToLaser are the span, not the length of the belt.

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Are the gantry belts open also?

Yes, there are connecting blocks, similar to that on the carriage plate, mounted to the outside of the gantry, which use the same method of securing the belt in position.

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Ah, so that block can be removed without unmounting the gantry. Cool!
Thanks for the pictures!


Yes. They use the same 3mm Allen screw mounting as the wheels and belt connecting block on the carriage plate assembly. If the belt has broken you just remove the crumb tray, then you’ll be able to access the screws that hold the block in place. Remove the screws and the block will drop out. When you replace the belt, you start by installing the belt and securing the end in the block (making sure that it’s not twisted), then thread the belt toward the front of the Glowforge, from the rear. Thread the belt around the drive wheel, then go to the opposite end and thread it around the idler pulley at the rear of the machine, and set the tension. Once the belt tension is set, slide the block forward until it lines up with the screw holes in the gantry (a toothpick comes in handy to help with alignment) then install and secure the screws.


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