Are the servers overloaded?

I’ve been trying to simply center an image on the GF and it’s taking a couple of minutes to refresh the screen every time! I move it over a tiny bit, wait…wait…wait… nothing. Several minutes later it moves…oops too far now I have to try again. I know it’s not my internet connection, every other site is as fast as it always has been.
I’ve restarted my browser, restarted the GF, tried reloading the file- nothing helps.
Anyone else experiencing t same thing?

I believe all of that is client-side. Is it happening on every file - like the Gift of Good Measure, etc.?

It’s only text on a flask. No elaborate artwork involved. Responded are usually within milliseconds - not its minutes. GF (and my PC and internet connection) are all working normally. Can’t see how it’s on the client side.

What I meant, was the code for moving stuff around like that is all client-side, I believe.

Opening another file, like the Gift of Good Measure, could help indicate where the problem may be. Whether it’s a problem with the file, etc.

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How big (kB) is your file?

File size is 65K

How much text, how many nodes in the text, and what kind of text? (Try rasterizing it.)

I just tetsted with a >400kB engrave image and a >600kB vector design, both moved around on the screen without any delay/hesitation…

It looks like it’s on your side. Can you test with the app on your phone or a tablet?

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I get it too sometimes, oftem with stuff that is not especialy complex.

been down all day


It looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great! Could you please send us the file you’re running into trouble with? We’ll be glad to take a closer look. If you’d prefer to share it privately, you can always send the file to us via email at

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email