Are there any GF customers from Germany ? And what r u planing to do with the Laser cutter?

Hey there i´m one of the buyers from Germany and i´m planing to do a whole lot with this machine !
:grin: can´t wait to have this machine in the house !

I am from germany too.
The glowforge will be one tool to i have next year to build the things i plan.
Improfing our mobil music centers Technotonne
Lots of leatherwork.
papercard designs
and all the things i find here everyday

Not technically German anymore since '45 but my Grandmother was German :wink:

Dutchy here.


OK cool sounds amaizing ! I’m a carpenter and i am Planung to do a couple small furniturs , lights , speakers and a whole lot of other stuff ! Cant wait to habe it in my hands ! (Pro model) just imagine how mich stuff u can sell during Christmas time in germany ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep taking notes from what i see at the moment at the “weihnachtsmarkt” They sell so much cheap looking stuff and with the tools in ordered including the GF. I will show how to make it right.

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we are from germany hamburg and we plan to do industrial design mockups