Are we facing an Apple "batterygate" situation here?

Do we have an “Glowforge-Gate” on our hands with Glowforge Premium?

When my trial expired, my forge now struggles to print. The head centers after every print, homes after every print (takes forever) and struggles to stay connected…

Is it coincidence that Apple basically just fessed up to “batterygate” and now Glowforge is following suite?

I think your experience is not related to the premium trial expiring. Coincidence, in my opinion.


No change here (I did not sign up, there is no value for me…) Machine operating as usual.

Connection issues are almost always wifi related.


Yea, Id agree but my mesh network in the basement is currently running +100Mbps so I am guessing it is not that. I have not had any issues with this thing for the several years I have owned it so it has me really scratching my head.

Prints that took ~6 seconds to “calculate precision movements” (the only thing it impacts) under the “fast lane” are now taking 7 seconds. The loss of the premium trial has not been much of an issue here.

Everything else you mention is directly impacted by local<>cloud internet.

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Not an issue with me either.

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Ok so it has to be something with my Google mesh, as my Amazon plugs are dead in the water too!

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I have five Amazon plugs and every single one quit working yesterday at the same time. In addition to some other issues I was experiencing, after several hours trying to troubleshoot everything myself, I finally broke down and called our ISP. Within 10 min. everything was up and running…they reset a ‘data port’. What a waste of my time…and then what a relief.

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Amazon Web Services had a major outtage yesterday. I suspect the plug situation is related.

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