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So after waiting 7 Weeks for my Glowforge to arrive of course it arrived with a broken lid handle. The handle was separated from the lid glass, also a bloody fingerprint under the handle itself. I contacted Glowforge for support and was told that they would send me a new Glowforge to replace it and that they would send me an email with a return shipping label. I emailed back asking if they were able to expedite the parcel or not. I haven’t received back any communication from them now in 48 hrs. Is this normal customer support? If troubleshooting of the device is needed is waiting days in between questions the only form of communication you get from their customer support?

Yep. Normal.

When they have a new bit of information, they’ll tell you. Otherwise….

Been like this since the very beginning. And they’ve also always been…slow. They’ve been better. They were to nearly 24 hour responses but we think they got completely hammered this past holiday and got very backlogged again.

They are also waiting for all the partners to let them know when there are available units to go places. Gf doesn’t warehouse or keep stock of anything, it’s all the manufacture so you’ve got your request in, gf passes the request to the manufacturer who then decides how and when to fill the request, then maybe let’s gf know who then will let you know.

For years we long time peoples have suggested everyone sign up for ups and/or fedex notifications as when the manufacturer sends out the package, you can get notified(and sometimes take delivery) before gf has been able to pass the carrier information on to you.


I had an e-bike battery warranty replacement that took 10 weeks. Once a week the company would email me saying that the battery was still on backorder and it would be shipped as soon as it was available. There was nothing new to report but at least I felt the company had not forgotten me. GF as a company sometimes leaves the customer feeling ghosted. Honestly they are terrible with customer relations. It has always been that way. Not saying they don’t eventually come through but they seem to be oblivious to their customer’s concerns.


I agree. Silence is bad customer service, period. A simple email confirming that you haven’t been forgotten is all most of us need. To let a customer go days or weeks with NO information is simply inexcusable. The whole process seems very flawed. Seriously flawed. I expect better service and better tech support from a company selling $5000 machines. Yes, they break. Yes, they get damaged in shipping. But the buck stops at Glowforge.
I haven’t had any mechanical issues with my machine yet, but I dread the moment it may happen because of the horror stories that fill these forums from customers being completely ignored. Even IF Glowforge depends on other people or companies to ship machines or parts out, they should STILL let people know SOMETHING… anything. An email takes a few seconds. There is NO excuse to not say ANYTHING.
This is a Glowforge Company problem. Not a supplier issue. Find a better supplier/distributor/shipper/whatever, if they suck. I don’t accept he “Covid” card anymore. That is JUST an excuse some companies still try to play. They need to step it up and fix the issue of their horrible Tech Support.
And the simple fact that they don’t read these posts is just another example of horrible support.

I have NOT recommended a Glowforge to anyone, because of their HORRIBLE Tech support. Or should we say… LACK of Tech Support…even though I think it is an AMAZING machine and I LOVE mine!

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Terminating support communication here gives the appearance they don’t want it publicly exposed how bad things have become. All we see now are negatives, complaints, not the frequent (if delayed) interaction and solutions. The fact they would shut down forum threads if an email had been sent had a similar effect - plus it prevented some owners from finding a possible solution before support even responded.

Problem is, they did - and I don’t think this was the first time. You can’t just up and move an operation like that over and over. Assembly, repair and refurbishing these machines takes specialist equipment and skills.

Keep in mind, there are supply chain issues everywhere, especially in tech. Parts are likely committed to new sales before repairs/refurbishments.

The Support problem certainly has multiple causes. But I give GF zero slack when it comes to customer communication. That is directly on management and/or the Support team. No excuses. If they have no additional information after a week then have an intern touch base with the customer saying just that. Poor communication with the customer has nothing to do with Supply chains or whether their repair shop is providing the info. I never want to hear again that the company doesn’t provide info until there is something new to say.


I don’t disagree one bit. I was just pointing out that terminating support here make it look even worse than it was.

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Yikes! Perhaps held back by a police investigation? As noted they have had issues with suppliers and It looks like some of those suppliers are selling OEM parts. But then that does not bode well for you getting service from them either,

Actually, having done this myself, it’s a matter of maybe an hour to create a job that scans the status of open tickets in the support system and auto-generates an update email based on the status of the ticket. Schedule it to run once or twice a week and no one feels forgotten. If the rep can’t be bothered to keep the customer informed, at least let a robot do it.


Exact same problem. Silver handle is detached from the lid. Looks like it was glued but not well. Contacted via chat ,email and phone message. Only basic canned response that they are on it. But no suggestions for remediation or timing.
They certainly took my money promptly. I work in supply chain I totally get shortages but not lack of communication.

GF needs to do better.

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