Arrrgh! False alarm!

We got home last evening and found out our home alarm had been blaring out for about 20 minutes a little while earlier. The neighbors let us know that the horn is Very Loud. We apparently have a bad sensor. The neighbors got together in the yard opposite our house and discussed it awhile, then called the cops who came out and checked over things.

Major embarrassment.

So I decided to sweeten up the folks a bit by putting together these little goodie bags that included a hand-drawn smiley face that was traced and cut on the Glowforge.

The peace offerings were a big hit. They assured me that they weren’t bothered by the event, it was the most excitement they’d had in weeks.



You should make sure that they know when it is fixed so that if it does ever go off again – for a real incident – they don’t think it’s still broken and don’t do anything!

And it’s chance to gift them another small laser token and get them wanting to be alert :smiley:


FANTASTIC idea! (Poor neighbors!) :smile:


Very thoughtful! Not to mention incredibly cute!

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What a great way to tackle this issue!

What a kind gesture. You’re the neighbor everybody wants to be neighbors with!