Ars Technica video

Didnt see anyone linking to this one:


Nice find. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting! That video shows many more examples of stuff to do! My mind is racing–as if I’m not already obsessing over this stuff! :wink:

So many awesome things to show what can be made on lasers in their workspace. But so many times we get to watch a coaster or hand drawing ><

Toss one of those complex things in for a demo sometime! We will happily sit through it :smile:


I am going to have more coasters at my house than glasses, mugs, cups, and jars combined.


We spent all our design time pre-crowdfunding cooking up pretty stuff to show you… now we’re busy shipping Glowforges!

But noted, I’ll see if I can find some time to print some pretty stuff.

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By all means, Dan, keep shipping Glowforges!

Just out of curiosity, are you actually shipping anything?

Sorry, that was unclear. Internally “get back to shipping” means “get to work doing everything we need to do to ultimately ship you your product”. Shipping you your product is pretty much the top thing we think about at the office. But I see how that was confusing.

Fun fact, though: the freight quote for one of our injection molds was over $80,000. So we do ship some stuff sometimes. Very, very expensive stuff.

The write up for the Ars video:

Hope a relevant external link doesn’t get me flagged as spam again.

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You’re good. : ) The writeup was really awesome!