Art can be found anywhere


Some random fun photos i found, these guys recreating famous works of art in their shop.


(added one more)


Awesome stuff. Very Dutch Renaissance :slight_smile:


These are amazing! I love the hubcap halo.


:rofl: This looks like a fun group.


Too funny, thanks for sharing!


ha ha. Thanks for sharing! These are great. In the second one, the guy looks like Steven Tyler!


Heh, didnt notice that before. The fact that he has a pink shirt that says ‘Pump it Up’ for some reason tickles me, as well as the hubcap halo, surely that’s intentional.


that photographer is a master of flash. Grandmaster even.


I adore these. This is such a perfect little swing off the originals.


You could not sell the result of course but they would be very cool as a photo engrave on the wall. Though you could send a copy to the artists.