Art Deco Inspired Jewellery

I have a convention coming up in a couple of weeks and I wanted to have some nice jewellery to sell. I initially intended to use acrylic to make a stained glass window effect but ended up struggling with getting the kerk right for a push fit that wouldn’t require glue.

After a bit of a rethink and some redesign these I what I’ve come up with. What do you all think?


Those look great!

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Loving these! Nice work.

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Very pretty! :grinning:

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Nice. Fresh. Not seen any like that.

Kind of thick looking when seeing the mount ring you had to place on them. I had been using thick acrylics and had to do the same but they required two rings so they face out correctly on the loops.

May want to try those designs on some leather. Even the 0.080 leather only needs a hole to hook the loop on. That is what I thought it was at first.

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I’d been thinking of doing these on leather. I need to get some practice in colouring leather first though.

They are pretty thick, one of the design issues with them that I may fix in a later revision. For now though I need to batch produce these. I’ve also got some nice walnut to cut them in too to give people options as to whether they prefer a light or dark set.

Thick works, it is just that double ring issue to have them hang right. It adds to the overall length, but on some designs a double ring also adds to the entire image.
I have some nice 0.080 veneers that make nice wooden earrings. Just the right thickness. Cannot remember, but think I got them from Woodcrafters.
The Wenge and Paduak are great for tiny details and thin strings, but the blond’ish woods seem to be favored more than the dark. Doesn’t matter how much you like them, it is always up to the buyer, heh heh.

I have just been sealing the 0.080 (4 oz) undyed leather earrings after cleanup. It looks about like your wooden ones came out (which is why I thought they were leather when first saw them)
I was not even going to do that, but it really helps control the fuzzy backside if seal it and then pat it flat before it dries. Also puts a slight gloss on the front, so better all round.

Anywho… Still great and unique designs. They should attract some interest no matter what material is used.

I’ve found some great places to get veneers locally to me. I was always worried as to how hardy they would be. Most only sell at 0.6 mm (0.024 inches) and I fear that anything cut from these would be too fragile?

Oh, very nice indeed! And you could still do a stained glass look by filling the voids with tinted resin—that would be very cool.

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Cool designs … I always prefer petite earrings.