Art nouveau layers and layers


Did this image on tile first and really liked it so tried it out in layered form…think I did alright!!




Wow, nice work.


I think so, too!!!


Oh, it’s beautiful! Your coloring is amazing.


Yeah, I like it layered!


Understatement of the day!


Yes layered is beautiful!


So pretty!

Perhaps you heard this one:

A good friend of mine lived in Paris for a while. She loved everything about it. She was with a bunch of other American students for a semester abroad. She usually just hung out with the gang, but as happens, eventually she and a guy named Gary were spending a lot of time together. They’d go for long walks along the Seine and spend hours and hours window shopping.

Things seemed to be going well, but on one night Gary seemed to be more and more agitated and stopped talking and just kind of muttered to himself. Finally she pulled up even with him, stopped him and turned him around to face her. “What’s wrong, Gary? You really have been acting like a jerk tonight.”

Gary replied, “Oh, it’s you who are acting like a jerk. It seems that all this time we have been spending together, you just can’t get that other guy out of your mind. You mention his name constantly.”

She was bewildered, “What do you mean I talk about another guy? I do no such thing.”

“Oh, yes, you do! It’s all Art this and Art that and I just love Art,” he answered.

“Of course I’m talking about art. We are in the greatest art city in the world, Paris, France,” she said.

“No, no, no. I’m not talking about the museum stuff. It’s that guy, Art Nouveau that you just can’t stop talking about, how you love him and he’s your favorite. It’s not only rude, but insulting!”


Gorgeous! A big fan of that style and a wonderful interpretation.




I agree! This piece is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.