Art shows in UI but GF doesn't recognize/show it on the bed

I have uploaded a small image to be cut from Proofgrade materials. This is a screenshot of the UI. The finished piece should be about 4"x4" ~ so well within the confines of the bed.

I can see the art on the left side of the UI, but nothing appears on the bed image, and the upper right status section shows “No Artwork.”

So you have the image embedded in the SVG with the cut line?

Sounds like it might be way off of the screen. How big was the art board / document in the design software?


Zoom out a bit. My wife designed a caddy for us in Autocad and when it gets sent to me, all the pieces are scattered all around. I have to zoom out and move them to the “print” area. Kind of a pain, but it’s part of the design process we go through.

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I ran into something similar awhile back, but it was self inflicted.

While trying to address another issue, I had changed to ‘pixel’ instead of ‘inches’ on the save formatting.
SO I ended up with an art board of about 83 inches.

A rather embarrassing oversight, but at least it was solved and I learned my lesson about being more diligent when trouble shooting issues.

Point here is --> if you have done Anything to your program formatting lately, you should walk through it all and make sure you did not toggle something and forgot about it.
A fast examination of the text in the svg file will maybe bring out the problem if it is overall size related.

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Thank you all for your help. I had previously done what brokenndrum mentioned, but the solution lay in that general direction… I had centered the image on the “page” in InkScape, and the solution was to move it to the upper left corner. (The image was just under 4"x4")

Zooming out alone was a great idea and one that I hadn’t tried, but that was not enough until I moved the image within the file.

Thanks again for the help!

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This is why you should set up the default worksheet as 12x20.
Even then, there will be no design that would work well on the actual edges, but if in the design was in the center it would be centered in the glowforge also.

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Thanks for your help, everyone!

@aew I’m sorry I’m so late to respond and I’m glad you were able to get help from the community.

I’m going to close this topic. Please post a new one if you run into anything else.