Artisan's Clutch With Thinner Synthetic Leather?

Hi, I’m wanting to make some clutches, wallets etc with some synthetic leather I’ve acquired (made from cactus with a 50/50 recycled polyester/cotton backing) however it’s pretty thin (0.9 mm +/- 10%). I see the design calls for thick leather though. Could I still make this with some adjustments/custom settings? Maybe multiple layers of material? Also any links to other designs that would work with this material would be great! Thank you!

Thicker leather is stiffer, which is what you want for a clutch. Otherwise it’s likely to not hold it’s shape. (No other reason not to use it though. You could always try a stiffened inner layer with something like Stiffy.)


Thanks! Yes I thought the stiffness might be a factor. I’m not familiar with Stiffy, do you have anymore info on it? Also do you have recommended settings for such a material?

I bought a roll of ‘bag’ stiffener from Tandy…although now I wish I hadn’t done it…don’t think I’ll ever use it. I think that’s the kind of stuff you would use as Jules mentioned.

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It’s just like a Mod Podge. (Fabric glue). But it will turn fabric into a brick. (I used to use it to make crocheted doily bowls in another life, and those things didn’t collapse after 20 years.) Any local craft store probably carries it.

It will definitely hold it’s shape once you brush it on inside and let it dry…but no, I wouldn’t know how much to use for this. Just experiment. It’s pretty cheap.


Thank you! Googling “Stiffy” led to very different results :rofl:


Oops! Sorry! :sweat_smile:


You should have seen That coming! :rofl:

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oh no. that is not good.

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