Artist Palette Earrings File anyone?

I saw a tutorial for artist palette earrings made on glowforge. I think the palette and paint blobs were made out of acrylic – there was acrylic inlay where all of the paint would be on the palette – they were adorable.

Anyways, wondering if anyone out there knows what I’m talking about and can help me find this post or design.


If you have premium, put in ‘artist’ and you’ll find some pallets much like this. Using that, you would just have to cut the wooden part, then cut each of the acrylic colors and place in the spaces cut out in the wood. You will need to allow for kerf, but should be easy…


If you don’t have GF Premium, you can find the same files at

Here’s the results for “palette”:


Just using that screen grab you could make this in a few minutes in inkscape.


That was my immediate thought but they said they’d seen a tutorial. I searched and could not find anything here. Likely on failbook.


Although inlaid acrylic is very classy and a step above, another option for the paint blobs would be to score the ‘blobs’ and use paint markers to color them in. Much faster to do and would probably look really good.


Dennis, @ChristyM and I both found out the hard way that The Noun Project is not really free at all. HIdden deep within the website are the rules for use and each icon does indeed have a charge associated with it. We both joined a year or so ago and thought we’d hit gold…but found out otherwise.


Resin would also be pretty…


If the earrings are for personal use, The Noun Project is a great option for the basic image. If you want to sell them, you’d have to pay for the file on The Noun Project, but it’s not super expensive for one-off items. If you’re going to sell them, I would not suggest tracing someone else’s work, as that is obviously theft.

It’s a cute idea…


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