Artwork not actual size in app

I have searched the forums and haven’t found this exact issue so forgive me if this is redundant. Since day one of using the glowforge app I have had the issue where I add an SVG for a die line cut (The size seams to be precise) and a JPG for engraving but the JPG is always smaller than actual size. I’ve been just scaling the artwork up the best I can to get a proper die line cut but this is just by eye and not precise.

This is going to be a big issue if I’m working with multiple pieces that I’m assembling together and I want everything to precisely line up. I’m working with proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood. The JPG artwork is created in photoshop and saved at 300dpi. The SVG is created in Illustrator. Any ideas as to what he issue is?


Drag the Jpeg image onto the open Illustrator file and drop it. Select the image and click the Embed key that appears on the top row. Then align your cut lines.

When you save the Illustrator file as an SVG, there will be a radial dial on the popup that says Embed Images. Make sure that is selected.

Then when you open the SVG file in the Glowforge interface, the image will be aligned, the right size, and already in there.


Boom! Perfect! Thanks so much!


The best way to insure that the image is in the right place is to “place” the jpg into your Illustrator file. Make sure you pick embed instead of link when you save your SVG.

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The reason for this is that the browser doesn’t care if something is 300 DPI or 72 DPI, or 1000 DPI. It’s going to display it based on pixel units. If you embed it into the SVG, it is being set to a specific unit display size.

Thanks all! As soon as I embedded the JPG in the SVG I was golden! Thanks again for the assistance!