Artwork placement - moving around in the UI

There are times after placing your artwork in the UI, you may want to fine tune its location.
Since we do not, yet, have the ability to enter actual coordinates to place items, we can fine tune our placement using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

But how much does each click actually move your image?

I did a little testing this morning and below are the results I derived.
(note: all values are based on visually inspection in the UI, I have not cut any samples yet to verify the results.

Using the test grid shown above (major lines at 0.1" spacing, minor lines at 0.01" spacing).
Due to image resolution, I used just the 0.1" lines and counted the number of moves to translate the circle 1/2".

500 X - 1-click = .0065" (77 clicks/0.5")
450 X - 1-click = .0075" (67 clicks/0.5")
350 X - 1-click = .0086" (58 clicks/0.5")
250 X - 1-click = .0104" (48 clicks/0.5")
200 X - 1-click = .0132" (38 clicks/0.5")
150 X - 1-click = .0172" (29 clicks/0.5")
100 X - 1-click = .0263" (19 clicks/0.5")
. 67 X - 1-click = .0526" (9-1/2 clicks/0.5")

Study was conducted using Chrome, Version 66.0.3359.139, Zoom @100%.


Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

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Excellent! Printing out to put next to GF.

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Well that’s an enormous amount of patience. I would have lost patience counting all those clicks and I would have miscounted more than once :grin:

Excellent. Thanks for sharing your research.:sunglasses:

As a guess, a single click is probably a value that correlates with the size of a pixel. The minimum distance something can be moved and be visible as having moved is one pixel. But the physical distance associated with the move will scale with magnification level.

There’s going to be some quantizing error, so allowing for that it looks like you need on average 10x more clicks for each step, 10, 20, 30,… 60,70,80 vs. 9.5, 19, 29,… 58, 67, 77.

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