Artwork sources for Dragons and Dinosaurs

Hey Gang,

A basketball buddy of mine has a very sick 9 year old. he has had a pretty large brain tumor excised already, and is really struggling.

I want to make him an LED light. With one of a Dinosaur and one with a dragon. Any suggestions for source artwork? I will am looking around. But I figure somebody around here has stumbled across a good source.



Sorry for the sick little one, I hope the surgeons got it all and he goes on to a full recovery. A good friend of mine has a daughter who had a very (very) rare brain tumor removed and 10 years later she’s still going strong with a clean bill of health.

I don’t have any art to share but was going to see if you’ve searched the clip art available through the new GF trial? Might be something there.

What kind of style are you looking for? Kind of like a clipart/cartoon look or more like a detailed, realistic line art look?

oh wow. I totally forgot out the clip art! thanks for the reminder.

Yes I have another friend whose son also had a ferocious battle with brain cancer and he is doing well. The problem is that currently my hoops friend’s son is really having a time.

thanks again for the reminder.

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That actually is an outstanding question. I am not really sure. I engraving into the arcrylic for the edge lit base too much detail gets lost. but there has to be enough detail to look cool

boy that narrows it down I know.

well I gotta hit the sack thanks!

This is a good resource for those:


thanks I will check that out!

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Hey that’s a good site. I can see myself lost here for a while.

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I’ve been checking out the site ; I’m always leery of a lot of sites today offering “free” but it does have a decent selection. I just do a search of it from google.

Dragons DRAGONS via Google on Freepik
Dinosaurs Dinosaurs on Freepik Via Google

Yeah, no. Freepik is known for pushing ads from malvertizing sources (ads that push malware to your computer.)


I found these and adjusted them slightly. I’ve never done an LED project, so I don’t know if they’re good for it or not.




These would be good. Just get an outline around it and turn the lines into a raster.

Spend a little time looking at posts discussing “gradient” engraves, where the image near the base will be lighter than the top. This allows a more uniform spread of light.

In many cases, it’s not necessary, but it is disappointing to put your hour-or-more engraved piece into a base to find the bottom portion “saturates” the rest.

If I had to guess, I’d say the dino won’t need it, but the dragon might, to prevent the tail from being so much brighter than the body/wings.

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