Artwork uploading smaller than actual size

I wasn’t having any problem uploading actual-size artwork until now. I’d say I need to increase artwork by an extra 10% to make it actual-size. I’m doing cut-outs of tools for drawer organizing, so I can’t just guess on how much to scale-up. I’ve turned machine off and on in case this was a calibration issue. I also restarted browser and re-uploaded artwork a few times in case the glitch was web-based. Any suggestions?

What is your design software that you are using to create your art? There are guides for many of them on the forums. A typical problem is a dpi setting for raster images embedded in an svg, but that’s more like 25%, I think.

I’m using Inkscape. I was doing similar cuts earlier in the day with no problem. The image is the correct size in the software.

Do you have a file you’re willing to share that shows the problem? I’m assuming it’s loading into the UI too small compared to the rulers in the UI and not compared to the bed image or only noticable when cut. Those other two problems are solved differently.

The bed image being the wrong scale is usually material thickness or flatness, but can also be the normal state of affairs at the moment particularly near the edge.

If everything shows up in the UI fine, but it cuts too small, then you’ll want to cut the good measure on Proofgrade in a similar position on the bed as where you’re having problems and post pictures so support can diagnose.

I think you nailed it, markwal. I was cutting on cardboard that was not perfectly flat. I tried a scrap of proof-grade draftboard and the cut was right on. I think I need more flat cardboard because I’m too stingy to use up my draftboard for experimenting at this stage in the game.

For cardboard, you can improve matters by holding it flat to the bed somehow (be careful not to use something too tall) and by measuring the thickness accurately (calipers) and remember to type that into the material thickness box. You can experiment with this by typing different numbers in there and see what it does to your bed image.

Been using a neodymium magnet to hold down material (need a couple more), but might’ve had the wrong caliper settings. Just grabbed a sheet of cardboard and used previous cardboard thickness for the setting. Thanks for your suggestion!

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Sounds like you’re in good shape, so i’m going to close this thread. If you have another issue, or if this wasn’t complete, please open a new thread!

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