As requested, Violin done! 5th in our Music Collection Series :)

I took a few months off making designs, but finally got motivated to start em’ back up :slight_smile: It was between the drums and the violin, and more people wanted the violin!

If you’d like the files, you can snag em’ here!


Another beauty in your series!

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Thank you celesteprobichaux :slight_smile:

That string pin, by itself brings more depth to it. Really nice work.


Thanks man… I appreciate it. When I do these instruments, unlike some other designs I do, I take the most care to recreate the instrument the way it would sit. Takes extra time, but sooooo worth it.


@camdograger – WOW!! that is AMAZING!!!

I have been having a BLAST modifying your wonderful guitar


wow man… That pickguard… WOW.

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(grin) thanks, I am waiting for the plum colored stain, so I can match the fret and the bottom as well, I just hand colored the strings…


Great concept! Beautiful work!

Ohhhhh, what a beautiful piece! I know quite a few fiddlers. I will definitely keep your design in mind next time I need a gift for one of them.


There are few on this forum who are not fiddlers though there are probably few violin players. I was learning violin when the teacher insisted that I play and practice standing up. I did not even realize then that it was not as uncomfortable for others as it was for me, so I was labeled as to lazy to learn violin, having nothing to do with violins. I was not planning to join the violin marching band anyway :roll_eyes:

So lovely!

As usual, this is beautiful!

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Absolutely gorgeous, I played the violin at school, it was probably terrible but I enjoyed it!

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You need to do a jimmy buffett guitar! Parrot heads will definitely buy it! I would, but I try to restrict my purchases to tools, electronics, wood, whiskey, whisky…


Single malt?


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hah! I think the next one I’ll do is drums… Its the main part of a “band” I don’t have yet, I’m just still trying to figure out how I want it laid out.


A friend is on the board of directors for a professional string quartet. Gifts for patrons, raffles for funding, thank-yous for the support shown by local businesses, etc; she’s always on the lookout for the right item.

I sent her a cropped screen shot of the violin, and said, “You need to give someone an award or thank-you gift, don’t you?”

She wrote back and said, “Yes, we do!”

I love it!