As Soon as i turn on unit fan gos into hyper speen

As Soon as i turn on unit fan gos into hyper speed… After a few min yellow light comes on.

Have all ready cleaned every thing & Tried to reset the WIFI
but not the fan wont stop funning @ full speed and the WIFI wont reset @ all.

Good news is that you opened a support ticket by posting in problems and support. Bad news, I don’t think any of the fellow forum members will be able to help with the problem and you’ll need to wait for support to assist.

Is it the main exhaust fan at the back? The air assist fan behind the head, or the intake fan on the front right?

its the main fan in the back…

It only stops if I unplug it from the board…

its running @ full speed as soon as it powers up then gos to straight yellow after about 30 sec or so…

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It looks like you’ve reached out via another forum post, and we’ve provided some troubleshooting steps there. I’ll close this thread, and continue troubleshooting on the alternate forum thread.