Assist fan blowing intermittently

I’m not getting any errors, but my air assist fan is whirring intermittently. The head moves into place to cut/engrave and even moves back and forth but it’s not actually doing anything. I did a full cleaning of the entire machine, and it’s still happening. Halllpppp

  • Have you cleaned the air assist fan?

  • Have you checked the plug from the fan to the carriage plate is seated well and looks undamaged?

  • Have you cleaned the contacts where the print head sits on the carriage plate, providing power to it?

  • Have you checked that the white ribbon cable is fully clicked into the print head, and none of the gold pins on the print head are bent or dirty?

  • Do you ever use magnets to hold down material on your honeycomb tray?

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Yes I have done every single troubleshooting tip! I don’t use magnets though.

HI @moldy.kawaii. I’m sorry to hear that you encountered some trouble with your Air Assist fan earlier. I noticed that you were able to reach my colleague David in chat this morning. To avoid any potential confusion, I am going to close this thread so we can consolidate everything to the chat/email thread David is working with you on. Thank you!