Assistant Air Fan wrong speed

I just received an error about the assistant air fan running at the wrong speed.
I just cleaned it, but I suspect that it will need replacing.

Is this a standard part? Or where can I get a replacement?

It is a standard part, THA0412AD is printed on the label. Digikey carries it for example, but with bare wires, which means soldering them to the connector.

Glowforge can sell you a replacement fan or carriage plate, or replace them for free under warranty if yours is broken.

You should try giving it another cleaning however. You can unscrew it from the plate to clean the back side, which gets really clogged up after a few months of usage. Also clean off the metal contacts where the print head connects to the plate with some isopropyl alcohol or a Zeiss wipe.


I know this is not likely the case but have to ask. A significant number of people mistake the little fan on the head for the air assist fan. The air assist is on the back of the metal carriage plate. No need to respond if not the issue.

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Yeah – it’s definitely the small fan on the back of the arm and not the little fan in the laser head. You don’t get to it from the front; you reach around the back to get to it.

Great idea: I’ll try unscrewing it this weekend.
And I’m fine with soldering. :slight_smile:
I just looked over my pile of small computer fans. (I bought out most of the fans from a small electronics shop when the owner decided to retire many years ago.) I might just have that same kind sitting around.


I’ve used a handful of Q-tips and rubbing alcohol to clean it. It’s amazing how much gunk can accumulate on both sides and around the walls.

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Yeah, lasers are filthy by nature. The vaporized material gets deposited everywhere.


Hi @dr.krawetz - I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into this air assist alert, thanks for reaching out.

As others have said, cleaning is a great first step here as buildup can certainly slow down this fan. since cleaning hasn’t been done, I’d like to look into some other areas.

Would you mind sharing a photo of your air assist fan so we can take a look?

Also, could you please do the following?

  • Check the four contact points on the bottom of the printer head. Press down gently on each of them and let me know if any of them fail to spring back up when released.

  • Take a photo of the back of the printer head similar to the one below and send it to us:

When we receive these photos, we’ll examine it and then reach out with next steps. Thank you!

Thanks! I’m planning on deep cleaning the laser this weekend. I’ll send you photos.

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Just mentioning that I had great problems with that fan before discovering what a mess strong magnetic fields can make of that fan. I presume you know about this but it is better to mention it than miss the connection.

Photos attached.
Looks like it’s just a very dirty fan (due to my recent use of draftboard). Now that I’ve figured out how to remove it, I can give it a good cleaning.

The 4 connectors are very springy, and the laser head looks clean. It’s just the assist fan that needs a good cleaning.

Cleaned everything and it’s working much better. Thanks!

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Hello @dr.krawetz,

Thank you for the photos and the feedback. I’m very glad to hear that cleaning the air assist fan has resolved the issue for you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything. We’re happy to help!