Assistant touched the glass on the dang module

My assistant was helping me and it pulled out the module you connect to the main unit and he touched the glass… There’s a beautiful fingerprint on there… How do I clean this? What would this do unattended to? How sensitive is this glass to damage from a simple wipe away?

Your GF should have come with a couple of “Zeiss Wipes” to use for just this purpose. Don’t wipe it with anything else or you could do damage.


The print itself would probably not be a problem but as @randy.cohen said, wipe it with a zeiss wipe. You will want to pick up a full box of these as burning wood will fog up the ports. There are instructions for cleaning if you click on the support button in the GFUI


Don’t burn your assistant at the stake just yet… I think most of us (a lot, at least) actually grabbed the head and put a nice big fingerprint right there on the window.

Zeiss wipes, as recommended, will get ya right.


Thanks guys!