Astrolabe, England 1370 with silver inlay

Putting my replacement GF Basic thru the paces with the back plate of a planispheric astrolabe circa 1370. :proofgrade: Med Draftboard with silver spray paint inlay.
Hard to tell from the photos but its only 4" across, I am crazy happy with the detail I can get on this thing.

before I pulled up the tape


Beautiful! :sunglasses:

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Very well done.

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Wow! Makes a fabulous escutcheon.

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That’s superb!

So… black spray paint, masking, zap, silver spray paint?


Yep, works pretty solid.
On the next one I think I will try just silver spray paint with a dirty oil wash to fill in the cracks and get a engraved metal plate look. Amazing what can be done with draft board:)


Oh my…that’s phenomenal! I love it.


Fantastic turn out!

Is that an engrave? I have been liking the detail I’ve been getting with score. I wonder what you’re would look like.

Roughly how wide are the engrave lines? I’ve been having trouble getting paint into my lines…

I’m starting to think there are more things in my house that need escutcheons. Maybe switches and outlets.


Google “overly complicated switch plate”. Very laserable.

OMG! Obviously, I’m not the first one to come up with this idea…

This wasn’t what I was picturing in my head, but WOW! And, I’ve been looking at gear generators for what I could do with them.


The hand engraved lines on the original photo I was using, vary in width and I wanted to keep the look, so I went with the HD engrave, but I keep meaning to try it on score to hopefully speed things up. An hour is too long for me to stand around.

Very fine lines, running from about .0065 to .008 inch, or if you perfer metric, .17mm to .2mm.
To get the paint to fill with spraying, the engrave needs to be pretty shallow and you need to hit it as straight on as you can with light coats. If the paint builds up on the edge of the engrave it chokes the opening and makes it even harder to hit the back of the line. I have found with deeper engravings that the first couple of coats will seal the edges between the masking tape and the material and then you can push liquid paint in with a fine brush and it works well.


Can I ask what you used to mask after you did the under-painting (Black)?

TransferRite 592U

I got it from sign warehouse


This is stunning. Really nice work