Astute Graphics is going to an annual subscription

They are switching from a la carte and bundle pricing to an all inclusive annual fee. If I understood correctly, it is not exactly a subscription… If you buy in for a year, when time is up, you get to keep using the current versions of the things you unlocked.

I know there are some other users of their plugins here. Any of y’all know what is happening?

Just now I got some kind of marketing email from them, hyping up some kind of “big changes,” but also including alarming information like, “we’re not taking any of your plugins away,” and “back up your installers and invoices.”

There was a link to learn more, but it led to a password protected page, and the password was not in anything they sent me.

Well, whatever is happening over there, it is still a smoother rollout than Snapmarks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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